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Cristin Michelle Lowe

About Cristin Lowe

About me

A native of the Bay Area, Ms. Lowe attended college at Sacramento State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in small group and interpersonal communications and a minor in Music. After graduating summa cum laude, she entered law school at UC Davis, where she was selected as a member of the Trial Court Honor Board.


While in law school, Ms. Lowe spent one summer as an extern for the Solano County Counsel's office, working closely with the Court staff and assisting with pro per litigants applying for domestic violence restraining orders. During this time, she was also able to learn about family law from the Court staff's perspective and become acquainted with the family law bench. Additionally, she found the time she spent helping the litigants themselves to be very rewarding.

Ms. Lowe also interned for Hawaii State Representative David Pendleton while in law school. One of her proudest achievements during her internship was organizing a domestic violence awareness day. The experience only fueled her desire to practice family law.

Upon graduation, she returned to Solano County, and based on the recommendation of one of the family law judges, she began practicing family law as an associate attorney. Working in a small and friendly county allowed her to gain invaluable and extensive courtroom experience not only in Solano County, but also in Napa and Yolo counties. She eventually relocated to the San Ramon firm of Cummins, Holmes & Geraldi, honing her legal research and writing skills and familiarizing herself with Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Francisco counties.

After gaining enough experience, Ms. Lowe set out to open her own firm and practice law her own way. Practicing law is more than a job for her. She loves having the privilege of being able to help others through some of the most difficult times of their lives. One of the most common comments she hears about her profession is that it is stressful and difficult. While this is true at times, Ms. Lowe's job also consists of assisting with adoptions, protecting children from domestic violence, and helping good people start over with their lives. One of her most memorable cases was reuniting a father with his daughter after her mother illegally moved her out of state. While cases like that don't come along every day, it's always rewarding when she is able to help anybody, especially children, and better their lives.

Ms. Lowe is a member of the California Bar Association and the Contra Costa Bar Association. She regularly volunteers for Contra Costa County's Pro Per Clinic, assisting self-represented litigants with their dissolutions and is active in various organizations in her community.

Outside of work, Ms. Lowe enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, cooking, baking, and training her Golden Retriever Murphy in Rally and Obedience.


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