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John Edward Harding

John Harding’s reviews

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  • Great knowledge, clear, efficient

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired John for a divorce and in working with John, I appreciated his responsiveness, his depth of knowledge of the system and of divorce proceedings, and his advice. Attorneys can be very expensive, but I felt that John did not waste any time, was very fair with his billing, and most importantly, he got things done.

  • John Harding gave me back my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    John Harding has represented me for one year. He has presented a motion to stop my court ordered payment of my wife's bills including her attorney. In November I was granted a bifurcation. Temporary alimony has been established until the final financial settlement in January 2015. I filed for divorce in June of 2012. I would recommend John Harding to anyone looking for a professional family law attorney.

  • A True advocate/awesome Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan

    Once we figured out each other, we got rolling.I had two proir attorneys and John was more than satisfied with course of my divorce out come.His office staff performed in a timely and professional matter. I Highly recommend Mr John Harding.He was my
    biggest advocate .

  • Very Professional, Intelligent & Polished Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric Burford

    John has provided invaluable service to me over the years as my attorney and I have recommended John on multiple occasions to my peers and acquaintances. John is an avid user of technology and for this we bond very well. Between blackberry, emails, and most recently on LinkedIN, Twitter and now Facebook, I think VERY highly of John Harding as a person, and a professional attorney.

  • Very Professional and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    He does an excellent job. you are in good hands if you can afford him.

  • Hiring the Best Family Law Attorney Ever: John Edward Harding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carmen

    John Edward Harding (John E. Harding or John) has been my lawyer on family matters since I met him and hired him the first time in or about October 2000. I keep hiring him back and he has recently represented me on family matters. John E. Harding is the best lawyer I could ever have to handle my family matters. Definitely trustworthy, tactful, knowledgeable (including keeping up to date on case law related to family law), is an excellent mediator and listener, and helps you realize the situation you are in for which he presents you with strategies to solve it. He also has a great precense in Court which is a plus. John also has a great automated office including having the code of family law right at his fingertips in a small and portable electronic "Lawyer Briefcase" he brings with him to court.

    In 2000, after interviewing two other attorneys to help me with my divorce, I felt I had not found the right lawyer. The first two lawyers only cared about going to trial right away and placing a lean on the house to ensure they would get paid. I called the lawyers Bar Association and got a referral: John E. Harding. I called John right away. He offered me an appointment the same day since he had an opening in his schedule. To my surprise, I left the initial consultation with a contract in my hands because I hired John right away. Why? At the initial consultation and after listening to my issues, John presented an initial strategy for my case. I liked his strategy and was impressed with his knowledge of family law (he seemed up to date on case law in the subject matter since he would site cases without any hesitation), sensitivity, warmth, professionalism, compassion, and legal advice.

    Would I hire John E. Harding again? Yes, I would and I have done that recently and many times before. My father was a lawyer so I have a frame of reference as to what I believe makes an excellent lawyer. Based on my experience having John as my lawyer, one of the things that makes John E. Harding an excellent and unique lawyer is that he strategizes his cases very well and makes you, the client, a part of the thought and strategy process. You and John work as a team. I have enjoyed having a part in the resolution of my divorce and child custody issues. This has been a wonderful and rewearding experience to me. In addition, I have found John's legal advice very wise and more valuable than gold. He is also responsive and keeps me informed as much as he can.

    Another important point that makes John E. Harding unique is that John is reasonable, fair, and courteous with your opponent and opposing counsel. John can tell you how he sees your issues from the opponents view and help you understand advantages and disadvantages of that which you ask him to do for you in your case. John knows when to be soft and when to be hard. John is not adversarial just to be adversarial. John tries to solve the legal matters in the most peaceful manner possible. This in my opinion is very critical when the matter is the separation of a huband and wife and more so when children are involved. Having John E. Harding as my lawyer has been a very gratifying and educational experience.

    This lawyer will not just do whatever you tell him to do but will advise you on the best course of action. Sometimes, we, the clients expect lawyers to do things that are not effective. John has let me know when I have asked him to do something that would be counterproductive in my case or not that effective. I have been grateful for John E. Harding's honesty in this regard.

    I recommend John E. Harding to anyone who wants to have a lawyer they can trust, who is reasonable, fair, has excellent knowledge of the law and case law, treats opponents in a courteous and professional way, has great presence in the Court Room, and legally represents you using the best strategies that he can envision for your case (taking into serious consideration your opinions and desires). My experience in having John E. Harding as my lawyer tells me that you would never go wrong hiring this lawyer wh