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Jim W. Yu

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  • Injury

    My son was hurt while we were at a private property. He has a scar and got lots of stitches. This occurred about 6 months ago. I feel that the wound has healed and now i am sure that he might needs scar revision surgery. I talked to one of the doc...

    Jim’s Answer

    Though your son has some time to make a claim, it is crucial to perform the investigation surrounding liability (fault) as soon as possible. Memories fade and evidence is often thrown away. As for the scarring, plastic surgeons are often unable to predict how a scar will heal when the wound is still relative new (less than six months old). Once the surgeon has examined the child/patient, s/he can prepare a report containing the prognosis and a description (along with estimated cost) of future treatment. Remember, it's not just the doctor's fee, but the cost of the anesthesiologist, the hospital, and medication. I have working relationships with plastic surgeons in the East Bay who would be able to evaluate your son.

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  • My son was a passenger in a vehicle where the driver rolled the car and my son was injured in crash.

    The driver was 17 yrs old, he sped down a road and lost control of the vehicle. My son suffered broken leg, which required surgery, and he was airlifted to local trauma center in area. I am now starting to deal with auto insurance of driver,...

    Jim’s Answer

    As you probably know by now, even a short helicopter flight to John Muir costs more than $10,000. Your son's medical bills will be significant.

    You should have your/your son's health insurer pay everything now. Once your son is compensated by the responsible parties for his medical bills, your son may need to reimburse the health insurer.

    It is in his best interest to seek the advice of an attorney. The driver may not have enough in insurance coverage to compensate your son. An experienced attorney will try to find other potential sources of compensation, e.g. driver's employer, driver's parents, state of California if the roadway was defective, etc.

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