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Daniel Aaron Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz’s Legal Guides

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  • Stockton, California Criminal Courts

    ARRESTED ! .... Someone you are close to is in the jail in Stockton. He is due in the San Joaquin County court the next day. What can you expect ? First of all, don't panic. Stockton has an excellent bench ("The Bench" is what lawyers call the judges). They are not lookin...

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  • DUI Defense Lawyers - The Three Levels of DUI Defense Explained

    There are three types of DUI attorneys. 1. BARGAIN: They take a small fee and check for major defects in the case. If they exist, they push for dismissal or a plea bargain. Otherwise, they plead you guilty. Benefits: Inexpensive and some cases get dismissed or reduced. 2....

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  • White Collar Defense Lawyers - How Do You Choose ?

    CHOOSING COUNSEL IN WHITE COLLAR CASES (c) 2010 Daniel Horowitz White collar criminal defendants are unusual in the criminal defense world. Many white collar defendants dont see themselves as criminals in the same way a burglar or a smuggler might. White collar defendants are...

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  • Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE)

    WHAT IS A CONTINUING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE? A Continuing Criminal Enterprise is one of the "super crimes" where our constitutional attacks were repeatedly rebuffed until the Supreme Court surprised many of us when it ruled for the defense in Richardson and held that CCE predicate ...

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  • Medical Fraud

    MEDICAL FRAUD Honest, hardworking medical professionals ... physicians, chiropractors, physician's assistants are waking up at 7:30 am to a knock on their door. A team of law enforcement officers from the Department of Insurance handcuff them, their spouses and their children as ...

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  • How Do I Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer ?

    Defense lawyers are the mystery profession. Lawyers who take easy cases claim huge victory records and those that take the difficult cases may do a better job but have a lesser record. If you are charged with a crime, how do you pick the right lawyer? Here are a few guidelines t...

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