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  • Im settling my aut accident settlement with a claims adjuster what are some things i should be cautious of?

    i spoke to the claims adjuster for my settlement and she told me that she will email me letter to authorize so she can pull my medical records then evaluate them and give me an offer? my question is i am waiting to hear the offer then decide whea...

    Mahsa’s Answer

    It is your choice, but in general, I would avoid signing an authorization to allow an adjuster to obtain all of your records. Instead, maybe request your own records related to the accident and forward them to the adjuster yourself.

    For a personal injury claim, you want to ask for damages for past and future medical expenses (if you have medical insurance, you would want to request your medical lien), past and future wage loss (if you have any), possibly loss of consortium (if you have a spouse), property damage, and pain and suffering.

    It is often better to retain an attorney because although they will take a percentage of a settlement, you will get the benefit of having them handle your case (do the work) and negotiate a settlement that is probably more favorable than you can get. They can also negotiate your medical liens so that you get more money in your pocket. A fair settlement is based on a case by case basis--an analysis of the facts and your injuries is needed before this determination can occur.

    No matter what, be sure to keep your statute of limitations in mind because in most personal injury cases (not med mal), you only have 2 years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit or settle.

    Unfortunately, without having more information and speaking with you, I can't provide you with any information other than some general things to keep in mind. If you do want to retain an attorney, feel free to contact me. Although I am a Bay Area attorney, I handle cases throughout California. Good luck.

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  • Lawyer Recommendations?

    My name is Jorge, I was in a car accident. I was on my way home when I was struck by an LAPD patrol car who ran a red light. I have witnesses who will testify that the officer did not yield at the red light and hit me. They did not have their sire...

    Mahsa’s Answer

    Mr. DuFour, I think you mean within 6 months from the date of the accident, not 60 months.

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  • What can I do about harrassment from my husband's mistress?

    The woman keep sending me messages about me leaving and divorcing my husband. She has gone as far as sending a video to my phone with her being in my house while I wasn't home. My husband wasn't home either. I am afraid of what she will do next.

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    I am not licensed in your state, but I can give you some general thoughts: You should seek a restraining order against her. If she trespassed into your home (since you say your husband didn't know either), I would definitely contact the police as well. I'm not licensed in LA, but I would think that the harassment may also be something that you can complain about to the police. Keep the messages and videos as proof. Although you can probably handle a restraining order on your own, if you can, you should retain an attorney to assist you on it.

    If you are granted a restraining order and she continues communication with you, she will likely be criminally charged for violating it.

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  • I was injured by a piece of ice cream equipment in my shake. How do I know if their offer is ok?

    I got a milkshake at a drive thru and there was what they call the "star" in a lump of ice cream. I got my lip caught between it and my tooth and had to have surgery to remove a mucocele that resulted from it. I now have a scar on the inside and w...

    Mahsa’s Answer

    I agree with my colleague that although you may have to pay an attorney 33 1/3%-40% in most cases, you generally obtain a much more favorable settlement. The attorney also takes on all of the work, negotiation, etc. Finally, if you have medical expenses/liens, the attorney can negotiate a lien reduction for you, giving you more money in your pocket. Trust me, the attorneys fees that obtain is well worth it for the work that is done on your behalf.

    With that said, if you want to do this on your own, what's fair compensation is based on a case by case basis. You typically want reimbursement for past and future medical expenses (including plastic surgery if you need it for scarring), lost wages (if you had any), possibly loss of consortium for your spouse, and pain and suffering. If you hired an attorney, they'd be able to give you an idea of what a fair settlement would be, but without more information, like what your medical bills were, and what your injury looks like, it's hard to give you a specific number. Further, I am not a PA attorney, so I can't tell you what's typical of your state.

    Good luck.

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  • Medicare lien law in personal injury claim?

    i have reach a fair settlement in my claim without a attorney.i want to know what is the law for medicare reimbursement. Can i pay the government direct so i can be relived from any future liability.

    Mahsa’s Answer

    Yes, if Medi-Care has a lien, you are required to reimburse it out of the settlement. You may be able to negotiate a reduction of the lien, so try that with them first.

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