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Vicki Asunta Jensen

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  • Had a DUI in AZ 6/22/01, followed all req frm the judge, no breathalizer was sentenced, now suspnded licsne in CA due to AZ sus

    AZ suspended my drivining priv due to not having the devise in my car. Was not sentenced to it, the DMV had their own discretion, never received a notice, did my jail time, paid my fee, went to all classes required. After numerous fights within th...

    Vicki’s Answer

    California and Arizona are both part of an interstate reciprocity between the DMV's. It sounds like California is suspending you based on the Arizona suspension, which they may do. I am assuming that you were a California licensed driver at the time of the Arizona conviction, Arizona notified California, who will not release the "hold" on your license until you have satisfied them. The best way anyone would be able to answer your question is after reviewing your DMV "H6" printout. It may be as simple as getting a SR22 and paying a reissue fee, or it may be more intesive and you may have to attend classes for California. Go get your printout and take it to an attorney.

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