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Megan Kathleen Major

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  • Knowledgeable, Professional, and Pleasant, to boot!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Ok, I know it may seem cheesy or hyperbolic to give 5-stars across the board, but I can honestly say that I don't think the otherwise unpleasant experience of going through divorce proceedings could have possibly gone better than it did with the help of Ms. Major.

    Before my initial consultation with Megan, I visited a lawyer who was very aggressive and who, I'm sure, would have helped me achieve an outcome I would have been equally happy about. But I knew I didn't want to go that route. Divorce and custody matters are potentially ugly enough without having to add vitriol. I could tell from early on that Megan would handle my case in a forthright and polished manner.

    To be very honest, while I liked the *feel* of not having a bulldog lawyer at my side, I did have doubts early on as to whether that would lessen my chances of getting what I wanted (namely, to be divorced--which was the easy part given that we did not have a lot in the way of assets to divide, and to keep majority custody of my son--the complicated part). Megan proved again and again that her professional manner and overall competence were more than enough to achieve both of these goals and to never, ever leave a bad taste in my mouth. She simply presented the case in an honest way, but always, always with my best interests in mind. I was amazed at her ability to look ahead at how certain avenues would affect decisions long term. I felt that she was always helping steer me in the right direction. Having no knowledge of family law before this experience, it was often the case that I had no idea what the best direction was, so I was incredibly grateful for that.

    From Day 1, Megan was supportive, direct, and responsive in an incredibly timely manner. Her written submissions to court were always tactful and professional, which was helpful because I believe the commissioner in our case appreciated that as well.

    What impressed me most of all, however, was Megan's attention to detail and her ability to remember even minute details about my case (especially given how busy she is). There were a few occasions where her inclusion of a detail from earlier in our case made a big difference in the materials we were submitting over the course of our year-and-half-long custody proceedings. When I was going through the difficult emotional experience of divorce, it was challenging (especially because it's not my personality anyway) to keep good, logistical track of things. Ideally, this is why we hire lawyers in the first place--to take care of that FOR us. And Megan more than came through in this way.

    What meant a lot to me, in addition to all that Megan was able to help me with legally, was that meeting with her was always a nice experience. Somehow, in the midst of all the yuckiness of legally getting divorced, I always left her office smiling and feeling hopeful. It wasn't hope based on false, undeliverable promises, either. It was hope based on the fact that she knew what she was talking about and was able to provide me with realistic expectations about the outcome. When I left her office, I was happy because I felt like my case was in good hands and that--given all the laws we knew we were working within the guidelines of--I knew she would help me do the very best we could possibly do.

    This is going to sound crazy, but even though I'm relieved that my final hearing happened three weeks ago and I no longer need Ms. Major's legal counsel, getting to the ending is bittersweet. I'm honestly going to miss her. By the time my case was even a quarter of the way in, I felt like I had a true advocate and friend on my side, and working with her has always been a pleasure.

    If the need for legal assistance should ever come up for me again, I will call Megan without hesitation, and I will, without reservation, recommend her to anybody in need of family law counsel in the future!

  • The Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I've used and interviewed attorneys prior to Megan but knew from the initial phone consultation that I found a gem when I spoke to Megan. She is very professional yet carries a very pleasant and comforting demeanor. She was the only one who answered my questions before I even asked them during our initial phone consultation - which proved to me she was very competent in the areas of child visitiation and minor's rights both of which I needed assistance with. My nerves were always calmed after any meeting or advise from Megan. I always felt and believed she had my daughter's best interest as her top priority and I was right! As well, she always conducted herself in a manner which sent the necessary message that she was present for my representation and none else. This was very important to me. Megan's services and her team of professionals have gained (for me and my daughter) confidence, peace of mind, and ultimately the gain of independence my daughter had been fighting for and until now was never heard or understood.

    I would absolutely recommend Megan's services (and have actually...a lady in the courtroom asked me for Megan's business card after witnessing our case). :)

    In addition to the main concern which was child visitation/minor's rights, Megan also helped achieve a very significant child support increase modification.

    In a nutshell, Megan is the best!