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John Noah Kitta

John Kitta’s Legal Guides

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  • How a Real Estate Attorney Can Maximize Your Profit Margins

    Did you know that turning a profit in real estate is not a sure thing and that there are many mistakes that can be made which will drain your profits? An Attorney Can Review Contracts and Agreements R

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  • 6 things a divorce attorney can assist you with

    According to the National Center for Health Statistics, someone gets divorced every 36 seconds. Whether the divorce is contested or not, there can be many points that need to be negotiated and consid

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  • What You Need to Know About California Real Estate Law

    Full of codes and regulations, real estate law in California can be hazardous and just plain difficult to navigate. However, whether you are a business or an individual, real estate can be just as di

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  • Quality Attorneys Will Simplify Real Estate Issues

    Legal issues are very stressful and real estate struggles are very stressful. Combine these two issues and you will have a huge mess of stress and worry to combat. If this is something that you are fa

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  • The Value of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

    You probably would not be surprised to find out just how extensive real estate law is. Real estate codes cover every relevant topic you can think of, from buying and selling to handling disputes to wh

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  • How a Good Family Attorney Makes All the Difference

    Getting divorced doesn't always bring out the best in people. In fact, as soon as it comes to dividing up assets and debts, many divorcing partners have a difficult time coming up with a reasonable co

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  • Reasons To Secure a Top Family Lawyer

    Going through a divorce is usually difficult for all parties involved. The good news is that hiring a good family lawyer can help you with many of the issues associated with a divorce. Going Separate

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  • If You are in a Dissolution and Have a Disagreement in Regard to the Date of Separation

    - Recently, the California Supreme Court has overruled the Court of Appeals and established a new, different, and precise, legal definition of when you are legally separated. For purposes of dissolu

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