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Linda Calderon Garrett

Linda Garrett’s Legal Guides

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Legal Coach When You Can't Afford to Hire An Attorney for Your Family Case

    What are "unbundled legal services" ("ULS") and why should you consider such services in your legal matter? Legal coaching, as provided by an experience California attorney, is but one of many aspect

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  • TAKE THE TEST: Are You Judgment Proof?

    Judgment Proof means that, based on your financial situation, there is no option available for the creditor(s) to collect on his judgment.

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  • 5 Important Steps to Take When Contemplating Divorce

    Take Inventory of Your Community-Estate Assets I cannot tell you how many times people come to my office only to tell me that don't have a clue what is in their community estate. The response is, "Oh

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  • Should You Walk-Away (Foreclose) From Your Home?

    A guide to helping you decide whether foreclose is right for you.

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