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Mark Blair

Mark Blair’s Legal Guides

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  • Understanding what is going on in your CA DUI case

    The DMV The DMV hearings have several other unique features. First, the hearings are “administrative,” meaning that there are relaxed rules of evidence (the legislature’s intent to make it easier to

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  • How to Find Flaws in the Police Report and Chemical Test That Can Help You

    Attacking the police officer’s observations of bad driving The prosecutor will try to show that alcohol impairment caused bad driving. For example, a prosecutor will argue that speeding or failing t

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  • Commercial Licenses and Refusing a Chemical Test

    Commercial Licenses A particular portion of the DUI statutes, Vehicle Code Section 23152(d), applies to commercial drivers. Commercial drivers are prohibited from operating a commercial vehicle with

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  • Driving Under the Influence: Under 21 Years Old in CA

    Under 21 years old and driving under the influence Persons under 21 years old who are charged with DUIs must be especially vigilant about their license status. The DMV may suspend an under age drink

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  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (Prescription, Over the Counter, or Illegal) in CA

    Driving under the influence of drugs (lawfully or illegally obtained drugs) The substance that the driver consumed before getting behind the wheel can drastically influence the nature of the case and

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  • How to get the best outcome for your California DUI case

    Dismissal My goals when I represent a person are above all, dismissal, and if a dismissal is not possible, then a reduction of either the charges and/or the consequences. A dismissal is achieved thr

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