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Timothy Blaise Broderick

Timothy Broderick’s reviews

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  • Knowledgeable expert in employment law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Tim advised me an negotiation with my employer. His experience, knowledge, and calm demeanor helped create a sense of security through the process. Ultimately, Tim's steady leadership and advice proved right on target; and led to assured satisfaction my employment objectives were met.

  • Corporate Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Irene

    Mr. Broderick has been our corporate attorney for 20 plus years. We have had several unusual and tough cases related to our specific industry, turned over to Tim for resolution. Each instance we experienced successful results. Tim and his team can tackle on a variety of legal matters with an effective winning conclusion for his client. Our company is very satisfied with Mr. Broderick's exceptional services.

  • Grateful for such an intelligent, responsive, patient Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Suzanne

    I was referred to Timothy Broderick, and feel both grateful and lucky, as my particular case has been challenging and time consuming. I am grateful for Timothy and his team of hard working, bright professionals, and recommend him highly, as I respect him with high regard. I actually couldn’t more impressed with Timothy's sheer talent, intelligence and patience regarding challenging this 'loan gone wrong’ money collection case. Although Timothy Broderick's firm is known for representing clients in sexual harassment claims, he has experience, professionalism and follow through with money collection as well.

    I got myself into a situation with a friend who borrowed money (short term bridge loan) and refused to pay it back. Timothy was a thorough attorney and had to jump through many hoops in order to get her served, and to show up in court. He represented me during the deposition, mediation and then in court for our court date that she was prowess at delaying. Timothy was prepared, professional and I WON in court. That was 9 months ago and he continues to diligently work to ensure that payback will occur.

    Lending money to a dear old friend of 20+ years and then being screwed over, has created a certain level of shame and confusion on my part, since I was not reimbursed as promised. Once I put this in Timothy's hands, I felt an overwhelming relief since he reassured me that he would deal with this as a true professional, and fight for me on my behalf. This piece of mind, combined with his winning the case has allowed me to move forward with my life with confidence.

  • Excellent legal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CindyMarabito

    Broderick-Saleen Law Firm is an exceptional firm made up of a group of incredible professionals. I was looking for representation in regards to some very bad things happening to me and to my business. I do not believe it was an accident that I was lucky enough to fall into the competent arms of Broderick-Saleen.

    Besides offering superb guidance, the members of this firm are kind and thoughtful even on their most busy of days. My every experience with Tim and his partner Katrina as well as Sally and the rest of the staff has been a rewarding and comforting exchange.

    I will look back on a very stressful and disheartening period in my life and remember the care and consideration given me by Tim Broderick and his team and recall even on the darkest days, how I was always made to feel safe and my welfare an utmost concern.

    I feel not only that Tim Broderick is a great legal mind, but also that he is my friend and for that, I am very grateful.

    Reunion Rescue

  • Tim Broderick

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JanetGHeinle

    I have had the opportunity twice to procure Tim Broderick as my attorney. H i the complete package. Direct, sensitive and knowledgeable and to that I was more than satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Tim and his associates. You will be in good hands!

  • Competent, Thorough, Responsive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Mr. Broderick has handled several legal issues for me over the past 5 years and he made things as painless as possible. Moving forward with any legal matter can be very stressful, but Mr. Broderick spelled out in detail what would be required of me and what I could expect along the way. I have referred others to him and I know they were pleased with his representation. A competent and trustworthy lawyer.

  • Dependable Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    I used Mr. Broderick on 3 different occasions and each time he came through exactly as I had hoped. Two of the times were for employment issues (discrimination et al) and one was for partnership. Mr. Broderick did his homework each time, was well-informed of the law, and did not exaggerate my chances either direction in either of the employment issue cases (the other was not a case).

    Overall, very trustworthy.

  • Very professional lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Libel client

    I was very happy with the way how Tim handled my case, he was very professional and wise! He even reached out to my insurance company and negotiated on my behalf about the payments the insurance company had to make in order to cover my legal fees. Overall, I was very satisfied with Tim Brodrick and would highly recommend him! Andre.

  • Compassionate and Brilliant Legal resolution

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joyce

    Tim Broderick is intelligent, knowledgeable, resourceful; genuinely concerned, and even reassuring.
    An outstandingly competent Lawyer.

    I had a difficult, and personally painful, case. I consulted other lawyers who gave me little hope that promises made would be honored, even though witnessed, for redress. Years earlier I had naively signed a document, without reading or understanding its implications.
    Tim Broderick helped me to set realistic expectations and then he won the case on that basis.

    I was despondent, scared, and angry. He listened and then presented workable ideas on how to proceed with my case. It gave me reason to hope.
    I appreciate his optimistic and sensible approach.
    He let me know that there was help to get me through; and I wasn’t alone.

    He has a great staff, they really shine! They listened, kept me on schedule, were prompt with all necessary work and documents, and helped me to stay focused and positive. (which was difficult)

    Best of all Tim helped me put a painful chapter of my life behind me. I find it difficult to convey how much I admire and appreciate him.

    Thank you, Tim Broderick, you’re the Best!

  • Highly recommend Mr. Broderick and his law firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hering M.

    Mr. Broderick is an experienced attorney that has been our family attorney for over 20 years. Highly ethical and trustworthy. He cares about his clients and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommended by Mr. Broderick.