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John Douglas Cahners

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  • Do infractions (non-traffic) become a part of criminal record? Would they show up on background check by potential employers?

    I got a fare evasion citation in caltrain (Santa Clara county). I am ready to pay the fine whatever it may be. But I don't this thing be a part of my record. Can I just pay the fine and dismiss the charge? Is there any kind of diversion/ deferral...

    John’s Answer

    You will be in front of a traffic commisioner in Santa Clara County and an alternative resolution of your case, although not guaranteed, is likely--so that you wind up with no record. You probably won't be able to do this on your own, and should have representation. We are local, since we are located in Santa Clara County.
    John Cahners

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  • Should I fight in court, and do I need a criminal attorney to avoid criminal record for biking infraction with misdemeanor?

    While biking on Stanford Univ campus I was stopped by cop for not completely stopping at stop sign. Not wanting to give my CA driver license number for just a bike infraction, I gave him various info somewhat correct but not completely accurate, e...

    John’s Answer

    All attorneys recommending you have an attorney are correct. You only get one chance at preventing a lifetime of explaining your record (if you even get the chance to explain, after it is determined that you have a record). We are in Palo Alto, have represented a lot of Stanford students and are pretty familiar with the Palo Alto DA's and judges. No one can promise results, but you would be foolish not to have expert help.

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