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Carl Matthew Schulz

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  • Trouble/Denial at POE for H1b visa holders?

    I heard of late that H1B visa holders are having trouble/denial at POE in US, is it true? I am on H1 for few years and traveled smoothly before. Planning a short vacation to Europe, should I?

    Carl’s Answer

    With the economic crisis, many companies are reducing wages, cutting back hours, resorting to temporary furloughs, and laying off workers - any of which can detrimentally impact H1B visa status if not handled properly. USCBP immigration inspectors may take that into account and inquire further at the time of reentry to confirm that you are returning to resume the same H1B employment that you were authorized to perform. Many of my clients report more questions and delays on return, but all are still being readmitted.

    - Matt

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