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Carrie Lynn Rosenbaum

Carrie Rosenbaum’s reviews

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  • No words to really describe how good Carrie is

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J & G

    If you are readying this, then you are a smart shopper; one who wants to find the absolute best attorney for your immigration case; two years ago, that was us... we found Carrie via her Yelp reviews... I am excited and pleased to say my husband is now on his way to becoming a legal resident of the USA.... Carrie played a large role in this... she guided us through the maze of documents, gave us honesty and clarity when we needed it and made sure she prepared us in the most through way possible in order to obtain an immigrant visa. It is without hesitation that we recommend Carrie to anyone out there looking for real help with reasonable fees. Thank you Carrie!

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent experience.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lars

    Carrie helped me achieve my permanent residency status in the United States. Working with both myself and my wife, Carrie showed that she was not just interested in us as clients, but that she was interested in our lives and our story as people. She was thorough and professional throughout every step of the way in my path to residency. We encountered a few hiccups along the way and Carrie was there to help us every time not only in terms of clarifying the process, but with creative and substantive solutions to help us overcome these obstacles. She is fair, flexible and genuinely cares about her clients. Immigration processes can alter lives and even under the the most straightforward of conditions, can be stressful and ridden with anxiety. Carrie helped to ease the stress by letting us know what we can expect each step of the way, providing informed and helpful answers to our (many) questions, and made herself available by phone, email and in-person meetings when we needed them. Carrie was integral in our ultimately successful residency case. We would not hesitate to utilize her services again and highly recommend her for anyone in need to legal representation in this area. Thank you Carrie!

    Hired attorney
  • Changed My Life!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Masha

    Carrie seriously changed my life. I am forever grateful to her. I was very worried to start my naturalization process because I had been denied in the past and was so scared it would happen again. I had done some stupid things in my youth that were a huge deal when it came to getting my naturalization complete. After reading many reviews about her, I decided to go for it. Oh boy am I glad I did. She was absolutely wonderful! I didn't know it could actually be pleasant to deal with a lawyer, but she has changed my mind. She also worked so hard to research everything about my type of case and be extremely prepared. She worked tirelessly to help me to build the strongest case possible. She prepared me for the interview and took the time to practice with me. She came to the interview with me and was an amazing resource of legal knowledge and moral support.

    I was still really expecting a denial and thought we would have to dispute the denial and go through the long process of fighting that decision. That didn't happen...

    I got approved!! I am now a citizen and am so very happy that I get to feel safe about my status in the country that I call home. I get to explore the world with my husband-to-be because Carrie did such a stellar job on my case!!

    She is AMAZING!!!

    (also I felt like the price was so worth it and completely reasonable)

    I don't think I will ever be able to express in words how thankful I am to Carrie.

  • Wonderful, personable, responsive and kind. Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ciaee Ching

    Carrie is the absolute best lawyer ever! Honestly, if there was some sort of Worlds-Best-Lawyer-Contest, Carrie would win the Magic-Purple-Law-Trophy-of-Sweet-Sweet-Legal-­Justice (I imagine that would be the First Place prize of said competition. It might also be some sort of crown or ribbon I guess.) Am I exaggerating? No. No I am not.

    Seriously though- Last year, my husband and I were looking to get my status adjusted from F1 student to permanent residency. This issue was a pretty big stress for us, and as with most immigration cases, we feared a lot of the paperwork and hoops we would need to jump through just to prove the legitimacy of our relationship. So, given our fears, we did what many couples do and decided to find an immigration lawyer to help guide us. During our initial search we interviewed countless lawyers. How many lawyers are there in this field? Apparently a lot. Most of them ranged from acceptable to decent and one was even downright rude. Then, as if it were kismet, we came across Carrie. What a stroke of luck it was to discover her! As soon as we had our very first consultation with her it was clear as day that she was the absolute perfect choice to represent us. Carrie treated us with such professional care and attention while at the same time being sincere, responsive, supportive and personable.

    Without fail during the length of our case, Carrie explained everything to us in terms we could understand, and whenever we had any questions or concerns- no matter how small or insignificant, she replied to us as if it was of utmost urgency. How fast did she reply you ask? Honestly, sometimes within minutes. We couldn't have asked for a more attentive immigration lawyer. On top of being a professional that we felt we could depend on, Carrie was a kind and thoughtful friend to us throughout the process.

    As is typical of couples as lazy and awesome as us, my husband and I would sometimes procrastinate at keeping her updated (sorry Carrie!), but she was always encouraging and patient with us to get us back on track whenever we were behind on our list of things to do. Nearing our interview date, she checked in with us constantly to make sure that we were going to be comfortable on the day.

    We can't recommend Carrie highly enough.

    Best. Lawyer. Ever.

  • Personable, Professional, and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ollie

    My husband and I went to Carrie for help applying to adjust my visa status from an F-1 student visa to permanent resident in August 2014. She provided a clear explanation of our options and what we should expect at every stage in terms of evidence to provide, questions we’d have to answer in interview, and timing. She also let me know I’d be able to apply for a temporary work permit at the same time as my adjustment application, which allowed me to get back to work 2 months earlier than I had been expecting. Throughout the process, she responded quickly and thoroughly to any questions we had, and found her to be personable, professional, and knowledgeable to the Nth degree. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough, and will certainly seek out her services for the removal of conditions and naturalisation processes.

  • great victory!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by michael

    Carrie won the citizenship case of our son the first tray! It was not an easy case, but because of Carrie’s hard work and commitment, the winning strategy had succeeded. Carrie is a very bright and diligent lawyer. She started the process with careful and intensive analysis of all details. Then she adopted an optimal strategy and formulated main arguments. And besides the high professional skills, Carrie has a very nice personality. It was easy to communicate with her. She works via the Internet connection and is available for questions at any time. If you need an immigration attorney, then Carrie is the best choice!

  • Fantasy Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    Carrie possess all of the qualities of a fantasy lawyer: Knowledgeable, passionate, thorough, a great listener, awesome problem-solver, diligent, persistent, responsive, prompt, funny, strong, non-judgmental, and quick.

    My foreign husband and I approached her with a really complicated green card scenario. We had been going around and around with other lawyers, trying to figure out even how to approach the problem. Carrie not only immediately grasped the complexity of the situation, but offered realistic options and an organizational plan for getting the ball rolling.

    We were extremely impressed with Carrie's breadth of knowledge of immigration law. Her confidence, passion, and caring really make us feel like we are in good hands and have a good chance of getting the results we are seeking.

  • Excellent Lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Carrie is very knowledgeable and makes the process very simple. I highly recommend her.
    She was present and available at every step of the way. Good immigration lawyer.

  • Carrie is a great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miguel

    Working with Carrie has been an amazing journey. I was really impressed after our first meeting when I exposed my case. She needed to do some research before coming up with options to proceed. She said she would e-mail me soon, but I thought it would take her some days. I arrived home and checked my e-mail. To my surprise, I had an e-mail from her explaining what my options would be. Such a fast response spoke louder than words so I realized how committed, passionate, hardworking, thorough, responsible and diligent she was.

    She is a great lawyer with a lot of experience in working with immigration cases. I thought the process would be really long, hard and overwhelming since I had to gather a lot of documents, but she is so detail oriented and organized that I didn’t see the days go by and very soon, the application package was ready to send. It is so easy to work with her through e-mails and phone calls. She is always there to answer questions that arise during the process and also discuss the best options to win the case.

    Despite the fact that there are a lot terms used by attorneys that sometimes are quite difficult to understand, she always does her best to be as clear as possible as to the terms she uses in such a way that the client understands everything.

    If you need an attorney for your immigration case, Carrie L. Rosenbaum is undoubtedly the right one. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

  • Ms Rosenbaum's Work Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ade

    Ms. Rosenbaum successfully assisted my family with a difficult situation with Customs and Border Protection.

    Eventhough we live in Indonesia and our communication were mainly through emails, she managed to explain everything very clearly about our situation, and work very hard to help us won the case.

    We were very pleased with her work and would highly recommend her to those who may have the same situation as ours.