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Decker v. Dynalectric

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: The matter settled in the six figure range.

Description: Decker v. Dynalectric On April 22, 2009, my client, Mr. James Decker was en route to see a baseball game at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA. He was travelling by bicycle eastbound on Brannan Street when the right side of a Dynalectric Van struck Mr. Decker’s left handlebar. The force of the impact against Mr. Decker’s bicycle caused him to lose control. The handlebars, which were properly covered with rubber grips, spun around after the van made contact. This in turn caused front wheel of the bicycle to turn perpendicular to the frame of the bicycle, which caused Mr. Decker to fall forward. When he fell forward, he was not just dumped over the top of his bicycle but onto the handlebars and his stomach made contact with the handlebar; since he fell forward with such force and velocity, the handlebar punctured through his flesh and into his body. Mr. Decker was impaled by the rubber-gripped handlebar.

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