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Richard J Vaznaugh

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  • When you decide to hire him, you win 50% already.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by D

    I actually met Richard nine years ago, when I file a case of discrimination of disability and language. The employers' attitude was stubborn and arrogant. I was concerned how I could find a good contingency attorney, because I was 3000 miles away from home, and handling the case myself.

    Then Richard came in. He reviewed my case, and he told me steady that I had a strong case ! He suggested me not to settle down the case immediately. He told me his estimation of what was going to happen, and he gave me a lot of confidence. The following happening proved he was right. He changed the tide, and he continued to challenge the employer, put them on hot plates. He handled everything, and I did not have to concern anything, and he was more ambitious than I was. We finally settle the case, but I would call it a big win.

    When you meet a good attorney, you already win 50%.

  • Simply the best....I could not have been in better hands...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Production Manager, San Francisco

    Faced with the distress and humiliation of losing my job due to disability discrimination from my former employer of over 13 years, I was referred to Richard by a friend. From my our first meeting, I knew I did not need to look further.

    During our first consultation, Richard spent nearly two hours discussing high-level details surrounding my case, asking thoughtful questions and providing insight as to points to consider if I chose to pursue a legal matter with my former employer. He carefully vets each case before deciding to represent clients so that he provide the utmost attention, focus and investment to ensure a successful outcome. Believe me, this is no legal "chop shop", and I am very thankful for the unparalleled quality and service he and his team provided.

    The process Richard and I followed was an interactive one. He constantly kept me informed as to progression of the case, educated me on steps I needed to take and more than adequately prepared me in achieving milestones such as completing paperwork, organizing documentation for his review, etc. He provided clear explanation of complex legal processes, terms, etc so that I was more than ready for the twists and turns my former employer presented. He and his more than capable staff invested countless hours day and night meticulously poring over documents, communication, facts and figures surrounding my case in building a solid, firm foundation. This process resulted in my presenting a solid argument against my former employer. Ultimately, his patient support and collaboration helped to reduce uncertainty and ensured I was more confident and clear-headed during the deposition process.

    Mr. Vaznaugh was also incredibly compassionate and showed a genuine concern for my well being. He indulged my panicked, anxiety-laden emotions with calm, strength and encouragement, refocusing me on the facts and building my confidence when I needed it most. I cannot thank him enough for showing this truly authentic and "human" side. It was invaluable to me.

    Ultimately, after a year and a half process, Richard was instrumental in negotiating a very favorable settlement to my case without my having to weather the traumatic experience of trial. While he felt confident we would prevail, he unflinchingly supported my decision to settle.

    If you are fortunate enough to work with Mr Vaznaugh in managing your legal needs and representation, I am certain you will be more than satisfied as I was.

  • Great advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Richard was efficient, hard-working and very responsive. He does not posture but relates in a compassionate and conscientious way. He has a great sense of humor which diffuses tense situations. I had an extremely complicated case - my boss had stolen money from me and from the company. Subsequently, I got sick on the job and was put on unpaid personal leave and as retaliation to my whistle blowing was forced out. Richard worked out a fair settlement, he made sure every "t" was crossed and "i" was dotted. He calmly cut through all the smug obfuscations, mean-spirited bluster and outright lies lobbed by the other side. I would certainly recommend him and use his services again.

  • The best choice of attorney I could have made

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I found Mr. Vaznaugh on the Internet. I posted my case and Mr. Vaznaugh responded to me.
    I used to work for 18 years as an assistant manager for a large retail corporation. I became partially disabled and my employer wrongfully terminated my employment. After numerous rejections from other attorneys who were unwilling to take on such a powerful opponent, Richard Vaznaugh exhibited firm confidence in my case from the beginning. Not once I had a feeling of insecurity about my choice of attorney. He guided me through the many steps of this legal dispute with a clear vision, always having the right move ready to counter the legal moves of my employer's legal team. He kept me informed, never sparing time to explain our course of actions. He possesses formidable legal acumen allowing him to be determined to go all the way even with a large case like mine. Eager to take my case to trial, he pushed my employer to the point where they ultimately succumbed and agreed to my demands of the settlement.
    Not only was I extremely satisfied with Mr. Vaznaugh's legal services, he helped me through a very difficult time of my life.

  • Trustworthy, Helpful & Very Experienced

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Discrimination client

    I found Richard through Legal Match. He contacted me the same day I sent the request for assistance. He was very helpful and put me at ease immediately. He advised me through each step of the process and made me feel like I was an important and integral part of the case, not just another client or number. With his skill, we won the case during mediation and avoided a long, drawn out case. I was very satisfied with his services.

    Director in San Francisco

  • Very experienced and helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Discrimination client

    I met Mr. Vaznaugh through a friend's referral. He was his former client and was very satisfied with his service. I had two prior attorneys, one was not helpful, the other did not want to file my case in court. I hired Mr. Vaznaugh after my first consultation. He understood my needs. My discriminatory layoff and overtime case lasted more than a year, and during the period, Mr. Vaznaugh always gave me prompt and clear reply whenever I had questions for him. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in his legal area, and guided me well in the whole process. At the final stage of my case, i.e., the most important negotiation between the two sides, he penetrated my employer’s lay-off defense and played a big role in obtaining a good compensation for me which was considerably more than I expected. I could not thank him more for his great job. For those who struggled with workplace discrimination, I would highly recommend Mr. Vaznaugh.

    Software Product Manager, Cupertino