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James Coy Driscoll

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  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sally

    James Coy Driscoll has represented me in a number legal matters since the mid-2000's. His services have always been timely and excellent. He has so much knowledge about landlord-tenant law that it makes me feel comfortable in trusting him. Mr. Driscoll keeps me informed as a case progresses so I don't have to wait and worry. His actions have kept me housed in my rent-controlled apartment for years. I absolutely would recommend him to any tenant who has a problem with his/her landlord!

  • Be very careful. I suggest you stay away from this person.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kazmer

    From the very beginning James Coy Driscoll kept evidence in my favor from the Court. He did his best to keep the case alive for his own benefit, and by extension for the benefit of my former landlord. Cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Eventually I fired and sued him. The judgment was in my favor, but Driscoll declared bankruptcy to avoid payment. In my case he was a veritable nightmare. That high rating he gets is beyond belief. It is misleading.

    Finally, he is judgment proof. He has nothing of real value under his name. Now I know the reason for that precaution.

  • Tough to say

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    The extortion comment threw me for a loop, to make that kind of initial comment implies he has had some dealings with this either personally or professionally - I felt it was over the top concerning our situation. To his credit he responded to my question and addressed my situation in the best way given the nature of these types of forums. I did send him an email to which he did not respond.

  • New client, already having emails & calls ignored

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Residential Real Estate client

    If his responsiveness changes, our review might change - but after providing a few thousand dollar retainer to him four days ago, we are already having issues. He told us the first thing he would do would contact the other party immediately, and this didn't happen for three days... *after* we wrote an email inquiring into it. And now, we have put in three emails and two calls regarding the recent communication from the other party, and no response. The receptionist acts dodgy, avoiding telling me whether he is actually in the office or not, and when I asked if he would get back to us today, I got "well, I hope so."

    If things improve I will gladly change my review. But at this point, I feel taken, not protected. No one wants to call their lawyer's office to have the receptionist avoid telling you whether or not he is or will be available today, as if he has something to hide, or hide from.

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    James Coy Driscoll has represented me on several legal matters over the past few years. His services have been excellent and I obtained good results from having me as your lawyer.

  • James Coy Driscoll is a COMPLETE DISASTER - do not use this attorney unless you want to get ripped off

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    Whatever you do - do not hire James Coy Driscoll. He is a nightmare - as an attorney and as a person. All he cares about is making a buck. Unscrupulous doesn't even begin to describe him. Driscoll, who likes to call himself "Coy", should probably be representing landlords. As a matter of fact, I have wondered if he is actually a tenant hater in disguise as a tenant attorney.

    The instant he had my big fat retainer check in his hand he went from being a very fast talker- pushy and aggressive - to being completely laid back, moving and talking as though he was underwater. "Coy" took horrific advantage of me when I was in a desperate situation - trying to defend myself from an eviction - the first legal issue of my life. I should have suspected a shark when he the first thing he wanted to know when I met him was did I bring the his cashier's check, and he was very angry that I wanted to actually talk to him for few minutes face to face before turning the check over. I got completely and shamelessly snookered. He was only the second attorney I had ever dealt with and I thought perhaps this was normal attorney behavior. Plus, I was getting legally pummeled by a big and aggressive law firm, and I was desperate for someone who would represent me aggressively as well.

    So I gave him the retainer he asked for because I thought he would be a pit-bull in defending me, but the only thing he was ever a pit-bull about was getting money out of me. He let the other side push him around badly, giving away a strategic advantage and yelling at me when I objected. Within two hours of giving him that retainer I already regretted it. He put all his energy into finding ways to bill me, not defend me He billed $700 just to fill out and send the substitution of attorney forms - something that should take not even 10 minutes. The amount of money he took from me as a retainer should have been more than enough to defend the entire eviction as a flat fee (this is what I have been told by at least 3 other attorneys), but in fact the entire amount was GONE in less than FIVE DAYS, with NOTHING actually accomplished. Also, he STILL was not up to speed on or remotely understand my case- and had obviously not read anything I gave him. He tried to pack a square peg into the round hole he was familiar with because he did not want to do any actual work. I hired him with an understanding that he would take a particular legal position - and then he took the exact opposite position without even telling me - with disastrous results. In the end his work was worse than worthless - it damaged my case, and what he charged was not just unconscionable - it was downright nauseating.

    All of his shoddy work got blamed on me and on the deadlines- deadlines which any tenant attorney knows come up fast and hard. He scared the hell out of me around several discovery deadlines that I have since learned are not firm drop-dead deadlines with any real consequences - but rather deadlines that could easily have been stretched, renegotiated or temporarily ignored without a problem. He also turned over privileged attorney-client documents to the other side "by mistake", and failed to even review any of the documents or answers that we provided before handing them over to the other side indiscriminately.

    In the midst of all these "deadlines" that could have been fudged, there was one deadline that actually did have dire consequences not met- but he told me he had made an agreement with the other side to set it back. When I read the actual correspondence from the other side - which had arrived two days before - it was plainly written that they refused to set back the deadline. When I pointed out what the letter actually said, "Coy" had a fit. He blamed his secretary for the mistake and both of them had to stay late - on my dime - to get the work done to meet the deadline. A couple of weeks later he actually blamed me - rather than himself- for why he'd had to work late that night.

    Another expensive disaster: when my legal file arrived in his office it was a) a photoc

  • Avoid

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Doesn't explain things properly to clients or truly listen to their needs. I would go elsewhere.