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Steven Christophe Williams

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    Tenants frequently attempt to install satellite dishes without landlord permission. Doing this may damage the property and a landlord may simply not want satellite dishes on his or her building. A landlordis not without rights when a tenant does this. The landlord should first ...

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  • Landlord's Right To Enter Residential Rental Unit

    Tenants have many rights. Some tenants believe they even have the right to refuse the landlord entry to their unit. However, the law authorizes entry for certain specified purposes. Refusal to permit lawful entry may be grounds for eviction. This article summarizes rights to enter.

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  • Property Co-ownership (California)

    Are you and a friend or family member looking to buy real property together? Or have you already done so and a disagreement has arisen? Though owning property with a trusted friend or family member may sound like a great idea and can have many advantages – it also has some risks.

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  • Tenant Domestic Violence

    This article discusses rights and obligations of California landlords and tenants when a tenant is a victim of domestic violence.

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  • Tenant Hoarding (California)

    Question: I have a hoarding tenant. I have asked him to clean his unit. It's been six months and the unit is still a mess. The tenant is seeking counseling for his problem and is now requesting more time to clean his unit. Do I have to give him more time? Answer: Generally, a ho...

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  • Neighbor's Satellite Dish Hanging Over My Property (California)

    Question: A neighboring property owner attached asatellite dishto the side of his building, but over the roof of my property. Can I make him remove the satellite dish? Answer: Areal property ownerowns the land and theair spaceabove the land. Accordingly, a neighboring property ow...

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