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Marc Paul Branco

Marc Branco’s Legal Guides

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  • What is considered as housing discrimination?

    Under Federal law, it is illegal for a landlord to arbitrarily discriminate against a protected class. In California, such discrimination is an affirmative defense in an unlawful detainer (eviction) case. The Fair Employment and Housing Act -FEHA Under the Fair Employment and Hou...

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  • Tenants and Domestic Violence, Stalking and Assault

    In California, a tenant may legally terminate their tenancy at any point in their lease if they are a victim of any of the following: Domestic violence Stalking Sexual Assault Also a tenant who lives with a family member who is a victim of any of the above may terminate a ten...

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  • Landlord's Right to Enter Tenant's Dwelling Unit

    Although the Implied Warranty of Quiet Enjoyment, protects a tenant from a landlords invasive and unnecessary intrusion into a tenants dwelling unit, there are circumstances when the landlord does have the right to enter a tenants dwelling unit. A landlords statutory right to ent...

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  • California Security Deposit Law

    Security Deposits are not legally required for a tenancy to take place, however most landlords require one before a tenancy commences. A security deposit helps to ensure against damages to the property and unpaid rent by the tenant, and gives the landlord access to immediate fund...

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  • An Overview of San Francisco Bay Area Rent and Eviction Control Laws.

    Rent Eviction Control Laws Although rent control laws and eviction control laws are two sides to the same coin, one should be careful to distinguish between the two. The ability to understand how each of these types of laws operate and interact with the other will make for bette...

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