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Erik Wayland Newton

Erik Newton’s Legal Guides

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  • Child Custody Evaluations and Co-Parent Counseling

    A discussion of the sensitive and nuanced issues surrounding couples dealing with divorce and working to find a compromise on how to parent their children together, while living separately. This video answers questions such as the following: What is a custody evaluation and how are they conducted? What is the purpose of co-parent consoling and how can it help struggling parents?

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  • California Legal Separation - The Purpose and Benefits

    Legal Separation Overview Divorce isnt for everyone - sometimes for religious or other personal reasons, the status of legal separation is a better alternative to a divorce. Legal separation in California is very similar to a divorce: parties divide assets and address financial i...

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  • Summary Dissolution of Marriage in California - a Great Option for Some

    Overview Summary Dissolution of Marriage is a very quick and efficient way to end a marriage in California. The process sidesteps the need to appear in court, and creates a streamlined process to handle the paperwork. In essence, it's an excellent option for certain couples. T...

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  • The Basic Steps of the California Divorce

    Obtaining a divorce in California is as easy as youre willing to make it. In the simplest incarnation, California dissolutions can be completed as quickly as six months from the date of service and completely without an attorney. As a structure to understand how a divorce procee...

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  • California Premarital Agreements - the Big Ticket Items

    This brief guide is intended as a first step towards understanding what you can accomplish with a prenup in California.

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