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Clifford Edward Fried

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  • Occupancy Issues After Foreclosures in Oakland

    As a result of the downturn in our economy, many properties have been, and will continue to be, sold at foreclosure sales. The sale of bank owned properties comprises the majority of recent sales in many areas.Realtors must have some understanding of the foreclosure process and ...

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  • Owner and Realtor Access to Rental Units In Oakland

    It is a difficult situation when a tenant denies access to Realtors and prospective purchasers. Some renters deny access to protect privacy, to hide who really lives in the unit, or to kill deals.The problem falls in the lap of the Realtor. Sometimes a denial of access is due...

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  • Owner Move In Evictions In San Francisco

    As a San Franicsco buyers and sellers, or Realtors assisting clients transferring ownership of tenant occupied property, you need to know a lot about the eviction laws of San Francisco. Many of sellers will want to have, or deliver, vacant units. And many of buyers will want an e...

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