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Peter S. Myers

Peter Myers’s Legal Guides

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  • Protecting the Surviving Spouse After the First Spouse Dies

    Discusses the importance of placing provisions into a trust to ensure the natural children of your marriage are protected Introduction Lawyers sometimes speak about you and your spouse as adversaries.

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  • Health Care Directives in California

    This guide will discuss the use of advance health-care directives in California, powers of attorney for health care, and directives to physicians. Julie's Story In 2003 we had a client who came to us

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  • Capacity and Planning for Incapacity

    This guide will address issues surrounding the use of estate planning to address current and future incapacity. Incapacity planning is often overlooked, but the likelihood of incapacity is generally

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  • Why Character (Separate or Community) of Property Matters in Estate Planning

    This guide will describe the basic distinctions between separate and community property in California and why it matters to prospective clients considering estate planning. The Basic Distinction Betwe

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  • Estate Planning with Living Trusts

    How Do Trusts Fit Into Estate Planning? Trusts are an ideal way to control property held by individuals or married persons. By using trusts, the grantors (grantor = person who created the trust) d

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