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Allister Rex Liao

Allister Liao’s Legal Guides

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  • Recording a Conversation: Is It Legal In California?

    In California consent of all parties to a confidential communication is required before recording is lawful. See, California Penal Code, Sections 630 et seq. What is a "Confidential Communication"? A confidential communication is a conversation where one of the parties has an ...

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  • California Homeowners: The Risk of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

    If you own a home, then you probably know that maintenance and repairs are an ongoing issue. The older the home, the more headaches youre bound to face. These home repairs can sometimes require knowledge, skill, or time that you just dont have. Before you hire a handyman or contr...

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  • California Personal Injury Damages: Medical Expenses - Entitled to Paid or Charged Amount?

    The Scenario After a car accident thats not your fault, you incur medical bills and are now trying to settle your claim. When you look at your medical bills, you see that the hospital charged you $10,000, but luckily you had health insurance so the hospital bill was adjusted and ...

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  • California Drivers: When Must Your Headlights Be Turned On?

    We all know that California law requires that you turn on your motor-vehicle headlights when its dark outside, but did you know California requires that you turn on your headlights when theres rain? How about snow? Or mist? Or fog? In fact, California law requires headlights to b...

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  • Lending Out Your Car in California? You May Want To Think Twice.

    If youre the Owner of a car, you should understand potential liabilities in California when lending your car to a friend.(1) PERMISSIVE USE LIABILITYIn California, Owners can be liable for a car accident even if they were not driving at the time. The issue hinges on whether or no...

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  • What Photographs Should I Take After A Car Accident?

    Memory fades with time - digital photographs don't. It is important to take photographs immediately after a car accident to document certain things. This informational article is intended to help you understand what photographs to take following an automobile collision.

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