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Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Samuel Maina’s Legal Guides

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  • What is DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - and do I qualify?

    Most children who grow up and attend school in the US believe they are living the same American Dream and are well on their way to success and happiness. Unfortunately, many receive a rude awakening when they learn, much to their surprise, that they are in fact undocumented and h...

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  • Will I be Deported because of my Drug Conviction?

    Did you know that even if you have a Green Card you may still be deported for any number of criminal offenses? One of the most common grounds for removal/deportation is drug related convictions. But, in some circumstances, you may be able to remain in the US with your Green Card ...

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  • Do I qualify for Asylum?

    Asyum laws are in place throughout the world to provide protections to people who are being, or fear being, harmed. In legal language, we refer to this harm as "persecution." If you fear being persecuted in your home country or believe you have been persecuted in the past, you m...

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  • Battered Spouse Waiver for Conditional Residents

    Marriage is a milestone in many people's lives. Obtaining your lawful permanent residence through marriage should be a straightforward and pleasurable experience. But what happens when you are being abused in your marriage but you need your spouse to help you remove he conditions...

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  • VAWA - How you can get a Green Card if you are being abused

    Can you become a Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card) if you are being abused and your spouse or parent refuses to petition for you?

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