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Bernie Johannes Kempen

Bernie Kempen’s reviews

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  • Grateful mother

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tara

    Bernie and his staff are A plus! They always answerd any questions I had if not that day then that week. I was so thankful when Bernie sat next to me at the mediation and helped me to reveal other important info that I was not thinking of at the time because I was so nerves from the situation. Bernie was also alert when we were In front of the jude and pointed out things I didn't even think of. His staff was very patient with me as well, even when I wanted them to change things they already worked on. I have gotn the out come I was looking for with Bernie that I haven't been on my own. I wish that I could always have Bernie buy my side to help with my sons situation because he makes a big difference. I am truly thankful for him and his staff. From a mother that needed help when she dosent have any but from Bernie.

  • Lucky I found him.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was lucky to find him during my emergency situation. My ex-spouse and I had, for the most part, gotten along fairly well over the few years we had been divorced. We drew up a MSA together that covered custody of our daughter, division of property, etc. when we divorced.

    That was all thrown away when she blindsided me with court papers served late in the evening one night. She had not only lawyered up, but her lawyer had done a 'short order' which gave me very little time to find a lawyer and defend myself. She was essentially trying to take me for everything! I found Bernie and described my situation to him; he acted very quickly and was able to delay things in court long enough for me to get my bearings on the situation.

    Bernie and his staff not only navigated the situation in court, but they also knew how to "deal" with the other lawyer, who was very aggressive and confrontational. He kept doing certain things that, at the time, confused me, but when things finally played out his strategy became obvious. And as a result, her lawyer ended up offering to settle.

    The ex-spouse didn't get nearly everything she wanted and the blow to me was softened quite a bit by Bernie's actions. One thing I've realized about the court system is that it's anything but fair, especially in my county. If you're the father of a little girl and mom can't be proven unfit, don't expect anything more than 40% custody. Every lawyer I spoke to told me this and that's exactly what ended up happening despite our best efforts. The judge that handles these cases is very gender biased, in my opinion.

    All in all, Bernie and his staff were always on top of things, they were also reachable and extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “We take pride in the level of client service that we can provide on all our cases. Thank you for your review. I understand that you may think that the judge in your case had a gender bias. This is not my experience with the judge in question. The legal system does not prefer mothers over fathers. It's society that creates an imbalance that pay women less than men, and therefore women tend to end up being primary caretakers of the children. Voters and politicians need to create legislation that requires equal pay for equal work. If this is achieved, we'll see a lot more fathers being treated as equal partners in raising children.”
  • Honest and ethical attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I worked in the legal field for over 10 years and it is rare to find such an honest and ethical attorney like Bernie Kempen. He did an outstanding job for me regarding custody and support.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you for your review and I am pleased to have been of service. Clients come and go, judges come and go, but lawyers stick around for a long time. It's therefor crucial for any attorney to maintain a pristine reputation for honesty and ethical conduct. I am a Rotarian and am guided by our 4-way test in everything I say and do; 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships. 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned.”
  • Seasoned & Experienced

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Some people say lawyer’s not your friend. You are a mere one-time client for them but their relationships with the court are permanent as long as they are in business. If that’s so, it’s better to have a seasoned, experienced and recognized lawyer.
    Mr. Kempen is very seasoned and conservative. He knows how the system works. He doesn't sugarcoat harsh realities. I expect him to show his high qualities as a game changer in these previous reviews for my case.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you for the review. It's important for my clients to know that I am fully committed to their case, not their cause. My job is to represent the facts of my client's case to the court in the best possible way. My client's should always be aware of the upside and the downside of potential litigation. That's why sugarcoating serves no-one. Every client deserves a thorough analysis of options, including the option of 'let it be".”
  • Represented me in case over jurisdiction.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diana

    Very pleased and at felt at ease with Bernie Kempen representing my case in Stanislaus County. I reside almost 5 hours away and my ex tried to claim jurisdiction of our child in his county by false documents and lying about serving me. Bernie Kempen represented me two times in Stanislaus County court which I was not able to be present for and handled everything quickly and professionally. I wish he was in Kern County to represent my case here! Very pleased!!!

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Diana, it was a pleasure representing you and obtaining the appropriate remedy. One of the goals of my representation of my clients is to make sure that when they wake up in the morning with a knot in their stomach about some stressful litigation, it goes away quickly when they know that we are taking care of it for them and that they can continue to live productive lives with the least amount of distractions. Thank you and best wishes.”
  • Game Changer Attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had the pleasure of consulting with Atty Kempen about some certain grey areas about my case. While one attorney said he will research and get back to me on this, Atty Kempen has a straight answer for me right away. He is very knowledgeable and direct in his answer, very creative in attacking a certain scenario and a game changer in your favor if you are having issues or not satisfied with the outcome of your case.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you for the review. Crucial to the analysis of options in a client's case is the ability to spot the issues and provide a range of potential remedies for discussion. I'm pleased that I was able to do that for you.”
  • Thank you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ann

    Mr. Kempen took time to answer all of my questions. He helped me by both providing his expertise and compassion, a combo you don't find often in the profession. I would recommend him and will return to him if services are again needed. Thank you!

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Ana, I always strive to understand not only the legal aspects of your case, but also how the situation affects you personally. It is my goal to make sure that when you wake up in the morning, that you know that you have a legal advocate in your corner who will take on the burden of your legal representation so that you can continue with the daily aspects of your life. I hope that with the information you got from me, you may be able to resolve your issues without any court intervention. If not, I'm a phone call away and I answer all calls directly at 415-806-1974 24/7. Best wishes!”
  • Exceptional Consultation and Knowledge of the Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I went to Bernie with a dilema regarding my ex wife which could have cost me $5,000 or more. She was trying to extort money from me before she complied with the judges order to sign over the house deed to me. I was in closing in my refinance and the timing was very important to get this done.

    In any case, I had spoken with 3 other attorneys before Bernie, and it wasnt until after our conversation that I felt confident enough to send her a letter. In this letter, I mentioned how this could go down for her if i took it to court. how much it would cost her, and how I could potentially sue her for the injuries caused by her actions. All of this information was gathered in one conversation with Bernie.

    I offerred her $900 only, and she accepted, knowing if we went to court she would get nothing, I would win, and then I would sue her for damages.

    Bernie knows his stuff. His office is pleasnt, as is his staff. It feels like you are dealing with a friend, not an attornerny. I am very happy with his services and would recomend him highly.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you David. I am pleased you were able to resolve your issue in a cost effective manner without hiring an attorney to litigate the issue for you. Family issues should be resolved around the kitchen table or over coffee at a coffee shop. Court intervention should always be the last resort. When family are able able to come together and make an agreement, they are generally more satisfied because they are invested in the outcome, rather than having a robed individual make choices for them instead.”
  • Ace of Attorneys.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emmitt

    From the first phone conversation alone Bernie made me feel I have a shot at being with my children again. Now I will not say he made a promise that we will succeed but the initial concern for my situation from himself and his assistant gave me the courage to stand up for what I believe.

    When meeting with Bernie and Liz I was a little reserved an didn't know how to express the hurt I had endured from not being able to have a relationship with my two children. Even still they were ready to fight by my side for what is right and for the effort alone I am eternally grateful. Thank you in advance Bernie though the fight has yet to begin I know you will give it the best shot you've got.

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you Emmitt. We're getting there! It's always easier when we have a solid professional working relationship.”
  • Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    I used Bernie and his staff during my first divorce over 10 years ago. I will be ever grateful for the guidance he gave me, as I was completely lost.

    The other parent was a complete snake and used my own friends and family members to gain inside information during our divorce proceedings, even setting me up in unusual situations to make it appear that I was someone that I was not. I had no idea that people that I once trusted and loved would ever this to me, but Bernie caught on and advised me that my divorce was very unusual and that there was someone giving my Ex information that he was using against me so that I would have to constantly contact my Attorney and pay more money. Bernie was very gracious and gave me discounts on my billing. If I would have just listened to him in the first place and kept people out of my divorce I would have been much better off but like I said, I would have never believed that those I loved would hurt me and my children for the sake of being paid off by my former husband. What a joke, my ex has like 8 kids, 3 with me and the others by different women. My Ex was so upset because Bernie uncovered his Self employment income and he would not file taxes as he knew how the child support system worked, he thought he had Bernie fooled and he told me to keep Bernie off of his A--! It humors me now but back then it was devastating since my children would ultimately pay for his anger.

    Bernie Kempen, Thank you so very much. In my opinion I would pay all over again to have such Seasoned Representation.

    People beware when choosing an Attorney. Watch out for newly licensed attorneys, make sure they have at least 10 years under their belts so that they can Fight and Win for you. Thank you Bernie!

    Bernie Johannes Kempen’s response: “Thank you, Christine. Many clients thank me years later for telling them the truth they didn't want to hear. Those are difficult times for the best of people and it's important that you have an attorney who looks out for your best interests; does not necessarily do you bidding and does not promise unrealistic results. The satisfaction I get from my job is to do my best for the client on the facts presented.”