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Barry White v. US INS, (N.D. Cal. 2001), C01 1735 VRW, unreported

Case Conclusion Date: 06.01.2001

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Fed. Judge dismissed case so INS could do its job

Description: Client was paroled in and given 7 days to adjust his status based on his marriage to a US citizen. We filed the adjustment within 7 days and a few months later the government tried to remove client from the US saying he had not "entered" the US and therefore could be removed. After client was put on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago, we filed in US Federal District Court and informed the Judge that client was paroled in, was married to a US citizen, filed for his green card and it was unlawful for the government to remove him while the green card case was pending. Client was not removed from the US and was flown back to San Francisco (in too tight handcuffs) and allowed to pursue his green card case. Green card was issued and case was dismissed.

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