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Antone F. Johnson

Antone Johnson’s Legal Guides

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  • Establishing a Board of Directors for Startups

    Action by Incorporator After incorporating the company by filing a Certificate of Incorporation, the incorporator appoints the initial director(s) to the Board using a document called "Action by Inco

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  • Social Media Law 101: Dealing with Legal and Risk Issues Arising from User-Generated Content

    Work with the right lawyer who knows his or her way around these issues. There is no substitute for professional advice. An hour or two initial orientation on the full range of potential issues from

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  • Legal Compliance Guide for Online Contests and Sweepstakes

    Avoid operating an illegal lottery Legal requirements for promotional contests and sweepstakes are driven by one goal: To avoid operating an illegal lottery. Gambling is heavily regulated on a stat

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  • How Your Lean Startup in Social Media/Web 2.0 Can Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes

    Start with carefully crafted Terms of Use Terms of Use (also known as Terms & Conditions of Service), together with a Privacy Policy, form a binding legal contract between your service and its users.

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  • How to get your content taken down from the Internet

    Determine the nature of the content and your reasons for taking it down There are two major reasons why an online service provider (such as Facebook, MySpace or YouTube) will take down content: Inte

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  • California Employment Law Traps for the Unwary for Social Media and Other Technology Startups

    Avoid Misclassifying Employees as Contractors Many startups are tempted to treat every service provider as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Unfortunately, merely entering into a co

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  • In the Age of Facebook and Twitter, Every Company Needs A Social Media Policy

    Start with a good template and customize it to fit your organization Social media policies are not “one size fits all.” Many common-sense principles apply across the board, but each organization can

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