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Chen Zhang and Shan Zhang v. Anchie Kuo and John Wei, individually and doing business as Ngai Construction

Case Conclusion Date: 11.01.2007

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: A $1,125,000 settlement in mediation

Description: On March 15, 2005, plaintiff Chen Zhang, 61, retired, was run over twice while crossing the road. She had just dropped her grandson off at school and was walking in a crosswalk on Sunset Boulevard at Noriega Street, where she had a green light. Kuo, driving an SUV, hit her and ran her over. Wei, who was driving a pick-up truck immediately behind Kuo, also ran over Zhang, dragging her about 100 feet before coming to a stop. She sustained a brain injury. Claiming negligence, Zhang sued Anchie Kuo and John Wei, individually and operating as Ngai’s Construction. Kuo claimed he never saw Zhang. He said he did not even realize that anything had happened until he noticed people yelling after the accident. Kuo’s counsel contended that any negligence on the part of Kuo was superseded by that of Wei, since Wei was the one who had dragged Zhang. Wei claimed that he had not seen Zhang either. He further claimed that he never would have hit and dragged her if she had not already been knocked to the ground by Kuo.

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