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Chu v. Gormian, SF Superior Court Case #12-642284

Case Conclusion Date: 10.02.2012

Practice Area: Landlord-tenant

Outcome: Client recovered control over his San Francisco rent-controlled unit

Description: Plaintiff entered into a written agreement with the defendant in 1990, approximately 22 years ago. Defendant, without written consent, had sublet the premises to eight other individuals. Defendant argued that the landlord had either knowingly permitted the subletting to occur or waived his right to enforce the subletting provision. On behalf of the landlord, Daniel Bornstein successfully rebutted the claims raised by the defendant and argued that no such authorization was granted and/or waived. Judge Tsenin quickly confirmed plaintiff's legal argument and entered judgment in favor of Bornstein's client. After many years of feeling victimized by the defendant's conduct, Bornstein's client finally recovered control over his San Francisco Rent Controlled Unit. Once again, The Law Office of Bornstein & Bornstein successfully accomplished the goal set by its client, and through the use of the litigation process, preserved a client's real estate investment.

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