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Peter Tak-Wai Chiang

About Peter Chiang

About me

I was born in Hong Kong and caught the flying bug early as a child. Got my private pilot's license in high school and commericial license in college.  After graduating from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, I worked as an aeronautical & flight test engineer.  I then joined the U.S. Air Force, trained as a pilot and flew C-141's out of Travis Air Force Base. I am a United States Veteran, having served in Operation Desert Storm, or Gulf War I, in 1991. I have flown commerically as a pilot and hold type ratings in A-320, B757, B767 and B747 aircraft.   


Inspired by my desire to help people in our society, especially the less privileged and the lower income folks, I enrolled in law school during the 1990's, sat for and passed the Califonia Bar on my first try.  


Since becoming a lawyer in 1997, I have practiced law in a variety of areas, employment law, civil litigation immigration, and have performed many pro bono representations thorugh various organizations including the Legal Aid Society.  I am now concentrating my practice to handling nothing but DUI and other criminal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding counties.  My office is in Redwood City, centrally located and half way between San Francisco and San Jose. 


I was motivated by my desire to help people when I attended law school.  That desire holds true today as I help people from all walks of life who are charged with a DUI or other criminal offenses, perhaps wrongfully or perhaps rightfully so due to making bad decisions and/or a lapse in judgement.  My job is to help the accused in navigating through a complex and biased legal system, getting them the best results possible.  


I also speak fluent Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese for those clients who are more comfortable conversing in their native tongue.  I am also learnig how to speak conversational Spanish in order to more effectively represent my spanish speaking clients. 


My clients are always able to get a hold of me as I always return their phone calls or e-mails the same business day and usually within a couple of hours.  My fees are very reasonable because I handle the same cases all the time, mostly 1st and 2nd DUI's, in the San Francisco Bay Area and the surrounding counties.  I don't have a high volume practice so I spend a lot of time on each client's case to obtain the best possible results.