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Mara Willa Feiger

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  • If I hired a lawyer, would it be possible that this charge will not be on my record?

    I was cited with a misdemeanor charge for selling alcohol to a minor at a restaurant I work for. - It was a sting operation. - This is the first time I was charged for ANY crime. - It was an honest mistake: I looked at the ID, but did not read ...

    Mara’s Answer

    There is no valid answer in terms of percentages. However, without an attorney your choice when faced with the charge is either guilty or not guilty. Only problem with the "not guilty" plea without an attorney is then what, conduct a jury trial pro per?

    Although no guarantee, having an attorney negotiate the offense down or ultimately litigate the unjust charge through a jury trial, you will probably be much better off particularly since it sounds like you have a possible defense and a lot of mitigation. Good luck. Mara Feiger State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist, 1227 Arguello St., Redwood City, CA 94063.

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