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James Barrett’s reviews

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  • Spectacular failure of a most simple task possible

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Libel client

    This attorney has been given a simple task to respond to two emails from two different organizations providing them with the general information about consumer rights to publish reviews on review sites like Yelp. It was something that was needed to be done within 2-3 days. No research or investigation was needed, just general information that anyone can find on the internet. I was willing to pay some reasonable money for putting this information on a lawyer's letterhead. I thought it was easy and would sound more authoritative if coming from a lawyer. I could hardly imagine how this could have gone wrong...
    Mr. Barrett on his own initiative sent one letter where he presented himself as someone overseeing the kind of activity he was not even asked to look into.I was perfectly fine dealing with the service provider by myself on the issues Mr. Barrett decided to oversee all of a sudden. He somehow concluded that his task was not what he was asked to do by his client just to educate the service provider about my 1st Amendment rights, he decided to think "outside the box" as I later realized to inflate his bill that would otherwise be no more than 200-300 dollars if he would have done exactly what he was asked to do.
    It took multiple emails to explain to him that he was not asked to "oversee"anything but just to write this easy email. Amazingly he did not get it. After a month when I decided to give up on him he started to insist that by NOT writing an email he was contracted to write he helped me a lot. When told that his email is no longer needed he continued to come up with "versions" of something that still was not what he was asked to produce let alone that there was no more need for any emails from him.
    After he has done NOTHING of what he was asked to do and what he said he was capable of doing he billed me for more than four thousand dollars and now I need to spend time to go into fee arbitration with him.
    I am sure I will get this bill annulled, but my advice to anyone: just don't even start with this really unique specialist of doing a lot of things you don't need but never doing what you asked him to do even if this is as easy as writing an email with some general legal info that does not even require to know any details of the case.
    If you have extra money to donate to this attorney you sure can consider that, but if you want someone who would do exactly what you need without replacing it with his own most likely damaging or just useless initiative, if you need someone who would listen to you and understand what you want and actually DO it in the reasonable time frame please go elsewhere.

  • horrible

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    To start with he was very unspecific, pessimistic, rude and dishonest at our consultation. As we came along with certain difficulties he was never helpful or able to advise or provide information needed to make important decisions. Then he was trying to forward our case to someone else for unknown reason to us and when questioned about it he was blaming others and continued being untruthful . At the end he stayed very disrespectful, rude, untruthful...We were unreasonably charged even thow he never brought the case to the end and he was never able to provide documentation requested. Always manipulative against us. Business with him was the most horrible experience.