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Craig Harris Collins

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  • In the state of california, can my unmarried daughter move back home to NY with child even if father wont give permission?

    The father is not a good influence and is verbally abusive to my daughter and also has a prison record for 2 yrs for burglary. He has been out of prison for 2 yrs now. I am moving back home to NY and she would be left here without family, if she c...

    Craig’s Answer

    The best answer is yes. Is there a current court order regarding custody? Generally speaking, the court will assess what is in the child's best interests and if moving back "home" to NY is determined to be in the child's best interests, then the court will allow such a move if there is a current court order. If there is no pending court order regarding custody or visitation, generally the mother may move back without first going to court in California.

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