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Elaine Ryzak Fraser

About Elaine Fraser

About me

With more than 25 years experience in family and personal injury law, I bring a seasoned expertise to both the conference room and the courtroom. As an experienced trial lawyer in all phases of litigation, I can successfully navigate diverse disputes across a range of legal areas.

My expertise as a collaborative practitioner means that I am equally effective in mediating or negotiating a resolution that, when appropriate, does not involve litigation. I also assist clients as a mediator or a mediation-consulting attorney.

I understand that every individual circumstance – every dispute – is unique and that one size does not fit all when securing a satisfying outcome. Whether you are in need of representation in front of a private judge or in a public court or seeking an alternative to litigation through collaborative practice or mediation, you can rely on my empathy, experience and advocacy.

I have managed my own law practice for more than 20 years.