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Shawn Mills

Shawn Mills’s Legal Guides

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  • The Legal Process-Part 2

    If the judge has determined that there is probable cause to support the charges, the prosecutor will file a charging document called an Information in the Superior Court. The Information alleges the charges which you are facing at trial. At this time, you are formally advised...

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  • The Legal Process-Part 1

    ARRAIGNMENT IN THE SUPERIOR COURT: ARRAIGNMENT/FIRST APPEARANCE: At the arraignment, you are formally advised of the charges and your constitutional rights. Bail is often set during the arraignment. Bail is used by the court almost like an "insurance policy" that you will a...

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  • No two stories ever told by criminal clients will ever be the same.

    Confession: Defendants who tell their lawyers confession stories admit that they did what the prosecution claims: "Yes, I did break into the house through a window and steal the stereo." Complete denial: Defendants who tell their lawyers complete denial stories assert that the ...

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  • Developing a Defense Strategy

    You work closely together with your criminal defense attorney to develop a defense strategy. Your defense strategy will typically emerge as you work with your attorney educating him about the facts of your case, the names of witness and how they may help or hurt your case. This i...

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  • Arrested!-pt 2

    A continuation of arrest of the citizens of the State of California

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  • ARRESTED!-pt 1

    Know Your Rights!When you are arrested, you are taken into custody. This means that you are not free to leave the scene. Without being arrested, you can be detained, however, or held for questioning for a short time if a police officer or other person believes you may be invo...

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  • Do I Need a Lawyer?

    This is the question that we are asked the most. Simply put, if you have to ask the question then you DO need to speak to an attorney. Finding out if you actually need legal representation is one of the main reasons to consult with an attorney. Even if you think that you are "gui...

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