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Matthew Edward Williamson

Matthew Williamson’s Legal Guides

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  • 5 Dirty Secrets of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Know Before Filing

    Most Chapter 13 End Up Failing! Why? The plan is too much for the people. The secret is to bluntly ask your attorney how many of their Chapter 13's end up failing or converting to a Chapter 7. Many

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  • 5 Dirty Secrets to Hiring an Attorney

    Check Your State Bars Website Why? To see if they have been disciplined! In California check - run their name (be careful it's the right attorney - many attorneys have the same name)

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  • How to Avoid Messing Up Your First Day in Criminal Court

    Decide In Advance If You Are Going to Need An Attorney Don't wait until the first court date to decide if you need an attorney. The only question should be, if you decided you need/want one, is whet

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  • 10 Steps to Take to for People Charged with DUI in California to Help Avoid Jail

    Take The Situation Seriously Is You Want to Attempt to Avoid Jail People don’t realize that a 2nd or 3rd offense can easily lead to significant jail time (NOT work alternative) … i.e. 120 days MINI

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