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Matthew Edward Williamson

About Matthew Williamson

About me

Besides being a legal nerd (I've been full time in the law since 1989, when I decided it is what I loved) and read just about everything out there, I've also recently become a a great puppy (you'll see him in my office under my desk if you ever stop by - one of the benefits of owning your own firm).


I get asked, because of my background, what are my favorite areas of the law and that is easy...DUI - because it's challenging and you get to help non-criminals stuck in the criminal system, usually for just this one time...Bankruptcy because I get to help people get a fresh start...and Personal Injury because I get to help people get some sort of relief or compensation for something that wasn't there fault.


My advice when deciding on what attorney to go with:


1.  Go with someone you feel you can work with - it really become a partnership when the attorney takes your case.

2.  Go with someone that will answer your questions and not try to talk over you in order to impress you.

3.  Go with someone that is willing to tell you the weaknesses with your situation and not "sell" you.


If you can get a referral from a friend who has used that attorney, that is usually the best, but it's not always possible.  When that happens, talk to about 3 attorneys, and know what your goal is before calling.


Finally, my philosophy in working in the law (or any other area) - the person should not do the job unless they are a) going to have fun b) going to help people and c) going to be able to provide food and shelter for their family... in that order.




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