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Debra Vaniman Crawford

Debra Crawford’s Legal Guides

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  • Living Will vs. Living Trust

    Know the difference between a Living Will and a Living Trust Living Trust Many people confuse the term “Living Will” with “Living Trust.” A “Living Trust” can be used in place of a traditional Will t

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  • Support for Adult Children?

    Support extends beyond parents supporting minor children. It can extend to parents supporting adult children and adult children supporting needy parents. Child Support for Adult Children When you thi

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  • Restraining Orders

    "Im going to get a restraining order!" We hear this phrase bandied about frequently. What kinds of restraining orders are there and how do you get one? The typical restraining order is the Domestic Violence Restraining Order which can be obtained against a person whom you are mar...

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  • Overview of Revocable (Living) Trusts

    A Living Trust is an entity which is generally created for estate planning purposes. A "Settlor" transfers assets to a "Trustee" who holds and administers the assets pursuant to the terms of a contract called a "Trust Agreement" or "Declaration of Trust." The Settlor(s) can be, a...

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  • Divorce - Before You File

    Important Considerations. Many important considerations must be taken into account before you decide to file for divorce. Divorce actions are called dissolution of marriage actions. The marriage will be "dissolved" by the court. Representing Yourself. Hiring an attorney to hand...

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

    With the rough economic times, let's think about some alternative methods of resolving lawsuits. Instead of the "scorched earth" method of trial by judge and/or jury, there are gentler methods available for dispute resolution. These are called alternative dispute resolution (ADR...

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