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Ralph Thompson’s Legal Guides

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  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What to Expect

    What happens after you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? This video reviews the steps so you know some of the things to expect.

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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What to Expect After Filing Petition

    You've filed the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition. Now what? This video explains what happens after the petition has been filed, reviewing reaffirmation agreements and the Meeting of Creditors (341 hearing)

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  • HAMP loan modification program

    HAMP, or Home Affordable Modification Program is the predominate mortgage modification program, used by virtually all major banks involved in modifications. This video describes how you qualify and how your loan can be modified.

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  • California Foreclosure Law

    Discusses California foreclosure laws, including notice of default, notice of sale and eviction.

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  • Options for Defaulting Homeowners

    Do Nothing - Continue Making Payments If your credit rating is really important to you this may be your best option. All the other options will affect your credit. Don't continue making payments

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