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Daniel Kieth Martin

Daniel Martin’s Legal Guides

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  • What if you were not read your 'Miranda Rights?'

    Everyone has heard about Miranda Rights. Anytime a person is arrested on television or in a movie the officer reads them their Miranda Rights. Most people have heard these rights so many times they can recite them, if you are unsure about the exact rights that are referred to as ...

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  • Bail in California criminal cases

    There is a lot of confusion when it comes to obtaining release on bail in criminal cases. This guide will help you understand bail including what it is and how it works. First of all you should know that bail is a type of insurance and it is governed in part by the insurance code...

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  • How to deal with a warrant for your arrest

    If you have a warrant for your arrest this guide will give you the steps to take care of the warrant and avoid getting arrested.

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  • How to expunge a prior conviction

    If you have been convicted of a felony and completed probation, you probably want to have the conviction expunged so that you can get a job and stop paying for a mistake that you have already done your time and paid for. In this guide I explain the steps to have your conviction expunged.

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