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Benjamin Prescott Tryk

About Benjamin Tryk

About me

A Trial Lawyer for the Fresno based accident injury firm "Tryk Law", Ben handles plaintiffs' cases involving catastrophic injuries, premises liability, products liability and wrongful death matters.

Prior to forming Tryk Law in 2012, Ben was named the youngest active partner in one of the largest statewide firms in California.  Gaining experience and insight into how defense firms, insurance adjusters and companies think and handle claims has been invaluable to his current practice.


Ben has worked for insurance companies and large corporations during his tenure as a partner for a large statewide insurance defense law firm.  He has taken this knowledge and experience and incorporated it into an all Plaintiffs practice to help individuals fight these multi billion dollar corporations and help you achieve a fair and just result in your injury case.  Since forming Tryk Law, Accident Injury Attorneys in 2012, Ben has taken great pride in helping injured victims rebuild their lives piece by piece.

Ben currently lives and practices in Fresno, California.  He is a member of Consumer Attorneys of California, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, The American Association for Justice, American Bar Association, Central California Trial Lawyers Association, Fresno County Bar Association, AVVO and many other statewide organizations that focus on the common goal of achieving justice for consumers in our great state.