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Griselda Torres

About Griselda Torres

About me

Ms. Torres has worked on all types of personal injury cases from simple motor vehicle accidents to complex multi-vehicle pileup accidents involving numerous deaths, product defect cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite cases and medical malpractice cases.  Working in the area of personal injury in various capacities for over 17 years has allowed Ms. Torres to become extremely knowledgeable, enabling her to provide quality legal representation. 

In light of the difficult economic times facing California residents. Ms. Torres expanded her practice to include bankruptcy.  She assists people in financial trouble understand their options, make choices, and take actions to prevent debt problems from spiraling out of control.

Ms. Torres graduated magna cum laude from California State University Fresno with a B.A. in Criminology.  Ms. Torres is fluent in Spanish and is admitted to practice in all California State and Federal Courts.