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Mary M. Moshrefi

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  • Are pension benefits paid to ex spouse in a divorce in california if employee dies.

    We had a QDRO done in divorce settlement and sent to pension company.I was award 1/4 of my ex husband monthly payment. It was approved by pension plan and I have started to receive my monthly payments. If he dies will I still receive the 1/4 as s...

    Mary’s Answer

    You may want to refer to the terms of your QDRO as well as the terms and policies of the retirement plan administrator as each can have internal policies that would affect your rights.

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  • Divorce

    I am planning to divorce with my husband. We have a five years old girl and I would like to be the primary caregiver. My husband has seizure and has been sick since our marriage. Due to my husband's sickness, he has gone into 3 car accidents t...

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    In California, the Courts will take into consideration the best interest of the children, including factors relating to their health, safety and welfare when making orders for custody and visitation. The facts you have set forth would be highly relevant to the custody issue.

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  • When should we expect our divorce decree to be sent?

    The lawyer filed the papers in March .He said the court would get to them sometime after April 2010 since April is when our 6 month waiting period was up and still we have not heard anything . Does it usually take San Francisco courts a long time...

    Mary’s Answer

    Sometimes the courts are backlogged, however, sometimes matters also fall through the cracks. Most counties have an online database that will provide you information regarding your court case (if not confidential) and this can assist you in obtaining the status regarding your judgment.

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