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Robert Steven May

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  • Given the specifics of my case, is it still worth hiring a lawyer?

    I was in a car accident as to which I was not at fault. I broke 2 metacarpel bones that required surgery and am currently undergoing extensive physical therapy. My medical bills will total approximately $20,000 and are being billed to my medical i...

    Robert’s Answer

    This is a very good question, my initial thought on your case is that you should be able to recover $25,000, which appears to be the coverage available. However, most injury attorneys have seen cases where it appears obvious that a policy limits offers is forthcoming only to be surprised with a less than appropriate offer.

    In your situation, you have additional issues to contend with when it comes to reimbursement. Your health insurance carrier will seek reimbursement from any settlement obtained and these negotiations can be as consuming as dealing with the auto insurance carriers. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, so there's nothing lost by consulting with a lawyer before making a decision.

    As to whether you can recover more than $25,000 in this case, that depends on numerous factors unknown at this time. Generally, the answer is - yes. One can obtain more that the policy limits, however, only under certain circumstances. And for your case, it would be difficult to provide an answer without knowing more details.

    Best of luck, again, I suggest you speak with an attorney before making a final decision.

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