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George B. O'Neill

About George O'Neill

About me

In case you are looking for an attorney with common interests I flew private aircraft for 40 years... Don't get me started with my "I learned about Flying from That" stories!

We've bareboat sailed the Mediteranian numerous times usually in the Greek Isles, but in 1999 we "accidentally" found France and like the rest of the lucky ones we fell in love with all things France and French for the last ten years.

...and even years of martial arts a long time ago;  started skiing in Montana when I was 6 and continued up to 2000... now it's just a lazy round of golf, or loading up the Airstream to head off to the Sierras.

The beautiful women in my life are my wife Charron, my partner in  our own law firm; our first daughter Janet also a lawyer with us after studies at Berkeley and USD; and her younger sister Kelly, our Yale Ph.D.  The girls accomplished these feats practically on their own,  but with credit to the smarts and work ethic of their mother!