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Gary Faucette’s reviews

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  • The Worst Attorney Ever

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jesse

    Gary Faucette is the worst attorney out of the past ten attorneys I have ever used. Gary Faucette promised me he could win my case easily. Not only did he loose my case against an unrepresented party, he set a court case for the following month for change of venue at the wrong court house. My case couldn't even be addressed that day because the current venue is still in Bakersfield. Gary Faucette not only waited until two days until court date to ask me for an additional $2,000 more, but called the other attorney in Bakersfield and asked for a continuance without my knowledge. Gary Faucette has taken my hard earned money and did more damage than good. I would have been better off representing myself than to have Gary Faucette give me a false sense of hope.

    Hired attorney
  • Disgustingly inept

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    SERIOUSLY!!! THIS MAN CANNOT ADD 2 AND 2 AND COME UP WITH 4!! He got the numbers for the assets mixed up and miscalculated so many times it made my head spin!!
    He lead me to believe he was a mediator at first, then later turned on me and said my ex had paid him and that was who he was looking out for!! I was shocked beyond belief and told him I would have definitely not said, given and done certain things had I known that from the start!! BEWARE!!
    He lost papers and couldn't recall what he had previously told me. I had notes and figures written down during meetings and phone calls and he denied what he had previously said!!! What a joke!!!

  • Run from this one.

    1.0 star

    Posted by William

    This was a terrible , life altering experience. Having Gary Faucette for a mediator in my divorce was the most costly financial mistake I have ever made. What a huge mistake. Get yourself a good attorney and go adversarial if necessary but avoid him at all costs. I echo what the other reviewer said.

  • Awful!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    He is awful. We went to him for mediation, and had already agreed to much of the details. It has taken him 3 months to write up 3 drafts of the settlement, and none of them have been right. We went to one mediation appointment for a disagreement, this was a difficult appointment for us. He promised to have the updated draft by Monday morning. I asked him of the status a week and a half later, he told me he LOST the notes from our appointment. He finally finished the damn update, but only included about 25% of the changes we agreed to in his office. Every time we see or talk to him we have to start all over again, as if he just met us. I am still waiting for him to finish his job, and do it correctly. He is absolutely terrible. He should not practice law.