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Richard Orville Middlebrook

Richard Middlebrook’s Legal Guides

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  • Should I Take a Breath or Blood Test or None At All?

    Why take a breath or blood test at all? Whether you should take a test is as old as the choice itself. First, the magic guess box that they call a breath machine is simply an inaccurate device that

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  • DMV Hearings- Don't Miss The 10 Days

    Contact the DMV Within 10 Calendar Days You only have 10 calendar days from the date of your arrest to contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles in order to stave off the suspension of your

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  • How to Handle a DUI Stop

    Always be polite Deciding to reenact all those movies where Vin Diesel mouths-off to cops is probably a bad decision at this point. Most officers will be stern and direct. They are taught to keep "

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