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Jeremy C Brehmer

About Jeremy Brehmer

About me

Mr. Brehmer achieved a well rounded science background before graduating 6 months early from law school and scoring in the top 3% nationally on the multistate bar examination.  In addition to holding a Bachelors of Science degree with a 3.93 GPA, he has prepared and analyzed thousands of organic samples for the world’s largest carrot producer where he was the lead analyst for all domestic and international product.  His reported analytical results on sterile packaging for USDA compliance, muli-daily fresh and waste water and other biological analyses were used by other producers to develop better protocols. As a consultant with the FDA and USDA regarding out of country harvest and shipping, Mr. Brehmer and his colleagues developed protocols to increase product life through modified storage and shipping design.


Mr. Brehmer then shifted his focus into the field of nephrology as a certified hemodialysis technician and certified phlebotomist.  During his tenure Mr. Brehmer conducted more than five hundred blood draws, venipunctures, and subcutaneous administrations.


Mr. Brehmer has received specialized training and further education in areas including standardized field sobriety testing; drug recognition examinations; gas chromatography; solid drug dose analysis and airway gas exchange. He regularly consults with both private and public attorneys throughout the country on DUI issues focused on the areas of discoverable information and breath/blood alcohol analysis.  Mr. Brehmer  utilizes his knowledge in sterile technique, the physiology of blood alcohol metabolization, the errors found in breath and blood alcohol analysis, and the details of the instruments used to analyze breath and blood to defend clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. 


Mr. Brehmer is honored to have presented to the American Academy of Forensic Science, American Chemical Society, various law schools, multiple Public Defender Associations, and others associated with the forensic and legal community.  Mr. Brehmer is a contributing author on breath and blood alcohol analysis in the 2013-2014 Michigan Criminal Law and Procedure with Forms book published by West.

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