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Victor Joseph Mazzaraco

About Victor Mazzaraco

About me

I'm a criminal defense/traffic attorney  and I know just how upsetting  it is to suddenly find yourself involved in the criminal justice system.  Once you're charged with a crime your whole world changes.  The worry, the uncertainty, the fear and the not knowing can make it impossible to focus on daily chores and lead to long-term depression and can even effect our health.

      If you'd like to get some feedback on whatever you're faced with, e-mail the facts of your case to me.  Let me know what's going on, what your biggest worry  is, etc.. and I'll be happy to share my opinion with you - no obligation, no commitment, no charge.

       Chances are things are not as bad as they now appear.  Here's a secret: Prosecutors love to overcharge defendants.  They charge you with 2 or 3 counts planning on dismissing one or two of them in plea bargaining.  And just because they say you did something wrong doesn't mean they can prove you did something wrong - and they know it.

       Drop me a line, we'll talk it over, and hopefully getting a defense lawyer's analysis will help you maintain a somehwat normal existence until you can put it behind you. 

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