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Vincent A. Gorski

Vincent Gorski’s Legal Guides

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  • 341 Creditor's Meeting DOs and DON'Ts

    DOs: You should do all of the following at the 341 creditor's meeting (1) Be on time - I always tell my clients to plan on arriving at least 45 minutes early to account for unexpected delays with t

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  • 10 Steps to Climb out of Debt - You Can Make a Successful Financial Recovery

    Pay Off High Interest Lines of Credit Systematically Some people like to start paying down the smallest line of credit so that they can see progress. This is a good approach. However, an even bette

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  • Six Ways the New Credit Card Law Affects You

    You Will Have More Time to Pay Monthly Bills Today: Some credit card companies send monthly statements less than 21 days before your payments is due. Frequently, these companies charge a late fee an

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  • Foreclosure Buyers Beware - The Dos & Don'ts of Foreclosure Buying

    DO Your homework. As with any major purchase, do your homework. We recommend that you search reputable online databases such as for foreclosure listings. If you are consid

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  • Preference Litigation - A Small Business' Nightmare

    The Purpose of Bankruptcy Code Section 547 Bankruptcy Code Section 547 governs preference claims and defenses. This statute is designed to discourage a debtor from preferring one creditor with payme

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